Xeelot Apps releases fun and enjoyable apps primarily on the Android market and is working to increase its portfolio of quality apps that are all available for free!
Xeelot Apps is run by an anonymous individual who enjoys making mobile apps in their spare time.

I hope you enjoy the apps that I create and please feel free to send me any suggestions, concerns, or comments using the contact page.

Company Information

Name Xeelot Apps
Founded October, 2010
Located Santa Barbara, CA
Number of Apps 4
Email XeelotApps@Gmail.com
Website xeelotapps.com
  • Flash Gordon Screenshot 1
  • Flash Gordon Screenshot 2

Flash Gordon Soundboard

Flash Gordon is the hero of a science fiction adventure comic strip originally drawn by Alex Raymond. Flash was eventually brought to the big screen in a movie full of awful one-liners and awesome music by Queen. In the recent movie Ted, from the creators of Family Guy, Sam Jones was brought in as a guest star and reminded me how great the Flash Gordon movie was. So here's a soundboard for it, enjoy!

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  • Action Hank Screenshot 1
  • Action Hank Screenshot 2

Action Hank Soundboard

Action Hank is a parody of Chuck Norris, Mr. T, G.I. Joe, Shaft and Rambo all rolled into one, and Dexter of the cartoon show, Dexter's Laboratory, is his biggest fan! Now you can remember all of Action Hank's bearded glory with this soundboard!

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  • The Rock Screenshot 1
  • The Rock Screenshot 2

The Rock Soundboard

Dwayne Johnson, better known as "The Rock" to wrestling fans, had some of the greatest crowd-inspiring lines ever. You could practically call them electrifying! Re-live some of his best quotes with The Rock Soundboard! Includes save as ringtone and notification abilities!

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  • Macho Man Screenshot 1
  • Macho Man Screenshot 2

Macho Man Soundboard

The Macho Man Randy Savage Soundboard! One of wrestling's greatest personalities has finally hit the Android market. Re-live all the ridiculous and entertaining quotes that the Machoman brought us!

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Santa Barbara, CA

Email: XeelotApps@Gmail.com
Website: xeelotapps.com

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